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IMPORTANT – For Site Reps:

Please follow these steps, before you can register your students:

1) Register and choose “Site Rep”
2) An administrator will send you the “Appendix A” form as well as a "Student List" form, via the portal messaging system, not email. Or you can download the "Appendix A form  and the "Student List" form by clicking on the following links: Appendix A Form and Student List Form
3) Complete the “Appendix A” document, for each student and return via the portal messaging system, not email.
4) Once approved, you will receive an email and you can start registering your students.

5) For your conveniance we have included a link where you can download the Occupational Health Service  Person Job Specification form: Occupational Health Service Person Job Specification Form


IMPORTANT – For Students:

NOTE: Duplicate registrations is not allowed and will be deleted by our administrators.

You can get started with your studies in these easy steps:

1) Sign in
2) Click on the “My Courses” menu button in the top menu bar.
3) You will see a list of your courses. Click on the course of your choice.
4) To get started, click on the “Learning Path” icon.

5) Complete all the steps in the Learning Path and download the certificate as final step in the learning path or alternatively, go to "Assessments" and download the certificate there. All your certificates can also be found on the "My Courses" tab. This certificate must be brought along to Koeberg Training Center (KTC) as evidence of completing the on-line training and give you access to the final assessment at KTC.